Professional Cleaning Services In 64111

We recently talked to a current customer about how they decided to go with professional cleaning service and what was the reasons behind it. Since there are so many different options we wanted to know the process in which they decided to go with Clean As A Whistle LLC that serves businesses in  the Kansas City 64111 zip code area. They said it all started one day when the COO or chief operations officer went to use the restroom and there was not toilet paper. Naturally we laughed at this response and said there had to be more to the story then that? They went on to say yes but that was the “light bulb moment,” it opened their eyes to all the other issues that were occurring with cleaning standards in their building. The issue was when they went to look for a new janitorial service they just did not know what to look for in a company? So we thought that if this client had this problem then there had to be many more that just did not know how to select a professional commercial cleaning service.

The number one variable that all companies look at when deciding to hire a cleaning company is “how much is this going to cost us?” I want to warn every company out there that when it comes to janitorial services you truly do get what you pay for! There are reasons why the best janitorial services cost more a few of those include:

  • Insurance
  • Quality Staff
  • Green Cleaning
  • Better Equipment
  • Quality Control Technology

Without these essential qualities that doe cost a lot of money, you as a company are most likely going to be underwhelmed by the services that you pay for. Do not fall into false promises you can-not get everything for one low price. Windows take a lot of time which equals a lot of labor cost when they are completed correctly i.e. no streaks and the window sills are cleaned as well. Floorcare is another big expense, good wax and stripper cost a pretty penny as well as overnight labor to take care of the floors. Think about all that goes into the care of floors? Taping edges to protect walls and carpets, moving furniture out of the area being re finished and re positioning, and the equipment that is needed to complete the jobs. In the end be careful about making cost of service your main reason for hiring a commercial cleaning service.

The second piece of advice that I would give to prospecting companies is to ask for customer references. This is very important when comparing a commercial cleaning company because they will give you a first person view on the type of service that they are receiving. If you get any reference that does not give an excellent review then you need to move on! If a janitorial service is giving you a reference that give them an okay review then there are companies that think they are not good. Why would they give you a reference that shows them in a negative way. It is because that is the best they have and are not a great company. Therefore when it comes to deciding on a company for service references should be on the top of your list.

We offer competitive cleaning rates for businesses in and near 64111

The last major aspect of picking a janitorial services is communication. A great company will communication at an effective rate, meaning when you have a question or concern they get back to you in a timely manner in the method of your choosing. When a company does not respond in a timely manner then that truly means that they do not care about you as a client. This can be determined in the initial screening phase of cleaning companies. If you reach out to literally give them your business and they ignore you then they are not the company you should hire as your service provider, it will just get worse throughout the life of the contract. Overall the main aspects to hire a janitorial service is do not base the decision on price alone, ask for current customer references, and finally make sure the company can communicate with you. If you follow these simple rules then your company should end up with a great commercial cleaning company.



We also provide cleaning services to other parts of Kansas City MO.  Please check out our page about our 64110 service area.