About Clean As A Whistle LLC

Long story short

Clean As A Whistle, LLC was founded in 1999 by Juanita Torres from Rochester, Illinois. In 2004 Nick Torres Sr. Joined the company bringing almost 20 years of management experience. The Torres’ saw a need for a change in an ever-growing industry. Together Nick & Juanita have developed a business paradigm that places the client’s needs at the center of the companies values.

From the very first cleaning they provide a standard that is above expectations. With over 40 years of combined management experience, Clean As A Whistle, LLC has grown from a residential service to a successful Limited Liability Company.

No job is too small. No job is too large. Clean As A Whistle is capable of cleaning any facility from 2,500sqft to over 1,000,000sqft; from a single construction clean-up to full-service building maintenance.






Clean As A Whistle LLC

Illinois Headquarters

Rochester Illinois

 P: (217) 498-6915

 Fax: (217) 498-5920

 Email: ilhq@cleanasawhistlellc.com





Missouri Headquarters

Kansas City, MO

P: (816) 482-3326