Our Visit To The Isle Of Capri Casino In Kansas City

I don’t consider myself much of a gambler because I know how hard I work for my money, but a few of us from Clean As A Whistle LLC  decided to visit the Isle Of Capri Casino that is North of us.  It is located at 1800 East Front Street, Kansas City, MO 64120.  In case you need to call them their phone number is (816) 855-7777.

Here is how we got there from our downtown office.  It took about 35 minutes but normally is about a 10 minute drive.


When we first got there we all saw that the place was HUGE and had a rather large hotel attached to it.  We went on a Friday after work and as per usual in KC the traffic was kind of bad.  We should have picked a different time to go to avoid rush hour.  Anyway the parking lot had LOTS of cars in it so obviously many others decided Friday after work was a great time to go also LOL!

When we entered the facility, we noticed the smell of cigarette smoke.  UGH  Being non smokers, this is annoying but what  can you do but put up with it until the State of Missouri places regulations into effect that will stop smoking in public places like neighboring states like Illinois has.  Anyway moving on, shortly after we entered we saw a few eateries.  There were actually A LOT of people in these places.  We did not stop to dine but over the weekend I looked online and there were many favorable reviews about a few of them.  From what I understand, on Friday nights there is an ALL YOU CAN EAT Crab Legs!  That sounds positively wonderful, and I have since talked with people that don’t go to the casino for the gambling but instead go for the buffet, especially when the crab legs special is around!



So after being carded to make sure we were all over 21 LOL, entering the casino we noticed that there were no windows.  That seemed kind of strange, but I guess that is par for the course.  In addition it was very noisy.  We heard lots of background noise of electronic slot machines with their bells and clanking and the occasional screams of people that got lucky and hit a jackpot.  It seems like the slot machines took up the vast majority of the square footing of the facility.  We saw slot machines that you could play for one cent and others that were ten dollars to play.  Yipes!  I guess everything is relative though.

We walked around a bit to get the lay of the land to speak, and also saw lots of table games, such as black jack and different kinds of poker.  Some of the poker tables were versions we had not even ever heard of.  We also saw roulette wheels and a few craps tables.  One of the craps tables was really crowded and occasionally lots of the people around the table all screamed at the same time.  Something good must have been happening at that time.  Later on we looked back at that same table and the majority of the people had left so apparently their luck had ran out.

We tried to play Black-Jack as that was something that we were a bit familiar with.  We had no luck but did find out that there are many things that we did not know about the game as we got pairs of cards sometimes and did not know what the best thing to do with them was – double down or not?  We also tried roulette and made a bit of money but eventually lost the money as we continued to bet.  We played all sorts of slot machines including penny ones and quarter ones.  Things are kind of deceiving though as betting one cent is kind of impossible the way the machine are set up.

To sum our whole event, it was definitely a change of pace adventure.  Some of the staff had never been before so it was a new experience.  I think Nick won about twenty dollars but everyone else lost money.  I think losing money is the norm, otherwise casinos would not stay in business.  We definitely will try our luck again, but the all you can eat crab legs will be on one of our future agendas!

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