Why You Need A Professional Office Cleaning Service

If there is one problem you do not want to deal with when you head into work is a dirty office. With all of the obstacles and distractions that you have to face during the work day cleanliness of your work space should not be one of them. Companies go back and forth on whether or not to hire a janitorial service because of cost but I’m about to tell you why it’s the smart way to go. The alternative to not hiring a commercial cleaning company is to do the cleaning “in-house”. All this means is you have your employees clean up after themselves. This causes three problems, the first is productivity. If an employee has to worry about cleaning it takes them away from the job they are getting paid to do which costs the company money. The second problem that it causes is disgruntled employees. No employee wants to have to clean the building that they work in when they are not getting paid to do so. They will ether ignore the situation or the quality that the facility will be maintained is poor. The final problem is management. Having to make sure restrooms are clean, trash is being emptied, and carpets vacuumed would cause a managerial nightmare that no company wants to deal with.  The most cost-effective way to solve these issues is to hire a professional janitorial service to handle all of these issues. With a commercial cleaning company, you get years of experience in dealing with the headaches of cleaning an office building. The greatest asset with hiring a janitorial company is being able to have your employees focused on the task at hand and coming into a clean and maintained facility every day! That being said which janitorial company that you hire is just as important of a decision as deciding to go with a janitorial service in the first place.

 Types Of Commercial Office Services Offered For Cleaning

What you want to look for in a commercial cleaning company depends on the kind of services your looking for but in general you should follow these five guidelines. – Experience – Competitive Pricing – Personalized Quality Assurance Plan – Great Communication Methods – Green Cleaning

 Prices And Services For Cleaning Offices – Red Flags To Be Aware Of

If a you hire a janitorial company that meets all of these criteria then you will most likely have a great experience regarding the cleanliness of your facility. There are however companies that you should avoid at all costs! Here are three red flags to look for when searching for company. – Not Insured – Extremely Cheap – Lack of Experience Following these simple guidelines can save your company time and money. The reason why you want to stay away from a company that is not fully insured is simple. If something happens to any of your company’s belongings or the janitorial company’s crew in your facility, you would be responsible. If the janitorial company is insured, they would take on those costs. The reason you want to stay clear of extremely cheap companies is the quality of service. To be able to provide a high level of service takes a great crew, reliable equipment, green supplies, and a experienced management team. All of these tangibles cost money and is not possible to provide at certain price points. In this case it truly is “You get what you pay for.” The last is the most important, lack of experience causes a try and fail situation. That company is using your facility as a training ground on how to provide service. This causes your company to receive poor service with many errors. Seeing that the reason you are hiring a janitorial service is to take away those headaches, paying for them to learn how to do their job is counter-productive and a waste of money. In the end, hire a janitorial service that is experienced, offers competitive pricing, a personalized quality control plan, has great communication methods, and uses green cleaning techniques. This the best way to ensure that your facility is maintained at the highest level. It will save your company money by not having to waste the time of your employees so they can focus on productivity. It keeps your working environment clean from illness causing bacteria and gives you peace of mind knowing your employees will be walking into a clean facility every day. The price you pay for hiring a commercial cleaning company pays for itself overtime with increased productivity because of a clean environment and peace of mind knowing your facility is taken care of.