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Incredibly Well

Offer Competitive Prices

We do not answer to stockholders.  We do not have bloated upper management salaries.  This allows us to be very competitve!

We communicate well with our customers

We use state of the art “CleanTelligent” – quality assurance software that allows unrivaled feedback and up to the minute communication with us and our staff.

We only use highly trained staff

We have found out that for the most part, that minimum wage employees provide minimum wage effort and results.  So we don’t hire mimimum wage staff.  Interestingly though, better paid staff are more productive and have proved to be more cost effective.

We use evnironmental friendly products

We know that your workplace needs to be safe, so we have chosen to use STEARNS© Green Seal Certified Products for obvious health and safety benefits

Industries Served

Ballwin Business Types We Serve:

  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Centers Of All Kinds
  • Banks
  • Building Maintenance
  • Medical Offices and Hospitals
  • Attorney Offices
  • CPA Firms And Other Professionals
  • Schools and Universities
  • Event and Convention Centers
  • Post Construction Cleaning
  • Stadiums

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What our Real customers say

“Clean As A Whistle LLC is experienced and dependable; they do a great job for us!” Jeff Tapscott – State Retirement Systems Of Illinois

“I work on the professional side with Clean as a Whistle.  Their management team is one of a kind and their attention to detail makes their work really shine. Nick and Juanita Torres are fantastic business people to work with.  The double team effort really sets them apart from the competition. Professional, Professional, Professional.  Clean as a Whistle and their management team are some of the best in the business”. Quinn Allen – Lee O’Keefe Insurance Agency

“We first started using Clean As A Whistle when we built our new office in 2003, and have depended on them ever since.  Their professional results, reliability, and cost effectiveness has given us no reason to look for any other service.” Ben Schwarm, Deputy Executive Director Illinois Association of School Boards

Ballwin MO is a nice place to visit and live.  It is located very near St Louis and most people consider it to be a suburb to the west side of the city.  Never the less, it is still located near the eastern side of the state. Recent population estimates are around thirty thousand. I think this city has made national news in recent history.  It is nice to know they have a great police department to keep you safe


Need something to eat while you are here?  You got to check out Marcellas Mia Sorella restaurant.  In case you cant tell it is Italian.

If you are into historic stuff you can also check out Scotland House